Star - Shaped Spillway Armenia

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Spillways in the UK known as overflow channels. It has now become Armenia’s one of the best attraction. These channels are actually structures that provide controlled release of flows from a dam into an area downstream.

Unfortunately this glory hole for the Kachut Dam has inadequate capacity. The space available for a new spillway, between the dam and a water supply tunnel, is too limited to provide the capacity needed for a normal ungated spillway. The Armenian State Committee of Water Systems is looking to address this problem with the use of fuse gates. This construction is part of the country’s Dam Safety Project, a World Bank financed, nation-wide program for improving the safety of existing dams.

They release floods so that water does not over top and damage the dam; water does not usually flow over a spillway unless there is a flood. Typically spillways are round; this star-shaped one is found at the Kechut Reservoir near Jermuk in Armenia.
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A spillway is a structure used to provide the controlled release of flows from a dam or levee into a downstream area, typically being the river that was dammed. In the UK they may be known as overflow channels. Spillways release floods so that the water does not overtop and damage or even destroy the dam. Except during flood periods, water does not normally flow over a spillway.
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