Hangyang aqueduct bridge of Dongjiang-Shenzhen water supply project

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Dongjiang-Shenzheng Water Supply Project between Dongguan City and Shenzhen is an integrated hydropower project with focus on water supply to Hong Kong and Kowloon and spilling over to the water supply of Shenzhen as well as irrigation, drainage, power generation and flood control. It started north in Dongjiang and ended in south Shenzhen River with a total length of 83 kilometers. It is home to 9 power generation pump station, 6 river dam and sluice, 2 regulating reservoirs, 2 hydropower stations, 24.5 kilometers’ manmade channel,
3.5kilometers’ water supply channel, 47.9 kilometers’ natural river course and bridges The project is graded top with most of its buildings rated excellent. CGGC is the contractor of B-II2 section of the project, or Zhangyang Aqueduct with a total length of 1000m. The aqueduct body is U-shaped pretension thin wall with an internal radius 7m, height 5.4m and thickness of the wall 30cm. The resting support is the form of AB,C and D. The pile foundation is column pile with the radius of the pile 1600mm. The main works include: earth excavation 63,500m³, earth backfill 66,500m³, concrete 16,900 m³ and reinforcing steel bar manufacturing and installation 1,408tons. CGGC has received China Construction Engineering Luban Prize 2004 and China Zhantianyou Civil Engineering Prize 2005 for its excellence in the project.

The east part of the project is home to 21,955 sections that have been subject to quality evaluation with all passing the test and 95.1% rated as excellent. All the sections that have been taken over are rated as excellent. As a saying goes in large hydraulic project, nine out of ten aqueducts are not water proof. Miraculously, the aqueduct of this section with a total length of 4 kilometers is seamlessly watertight. As the Engineer Lin Zhenhui put it, over 20 years’ hydraulic construction experience told him that it was definitely a miracle for the 24m cross, two storey high, 30cm thick aqueduct carrying 90 flows per second to hang in the sky like a huge river without even one tiny drop of water falling down.
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